4 to 6 years


As the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo is harvested within three to four years without damaging the plant or surrounding eco-system.


The green layer of skin is removed from the bamboo culm and then dried to reduce the moisture. A preservative treatment is then applied to protect against insects and the elements.  


The bamboo is shipped via bulk freight from Vietnam, Cambodia and, Myanmar.


TieBam’s patented procedure reaches the most important goal in the application of resin by distributing the chemicals in a uniform distribution.

6press to mold

Resin impregnates the bamboo fibers as it is being processed by a 5,500-ton hydraulic press.

7heat processing

The heat treatment processes were designed to be efficient, accurate, and to enhance internal and external hardness and strength.


The ties will be stacked on the factory grounds in anticipation of moving them to the doc to ship.

9load on freighter

The bulk carriers are merchant ships specially designed to transport non-containerized and unpackaged cargo.


The product will be shipped FOB shipping port.