What We Do?

TieBam is revolutionizing the railroad track industry with the development of a patent-approved process which densifies bamboo to provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood or concrete railroad ties. Because of its fast growth, distinctive mechanical properties, and transformation process, bamboo is stronger, more durable, longer lasting, and more environmentally-friendly than wood ties.

Bamboo is Sustainable

Drastically Reduced Carbon Footprint

Each year, millions of trees are destroyed to produce crossties, causing environmental damage... Read More

sustainable Supply

In contrast, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can be re-harvested in three years without causing damage to the environment... Read More

No Creosote

To avoid rotting, wood ties are treated with creosote, which contains carcino-gens. The EPA has determined that creosote is a probable carcinogenic, and OSHA... Read More

Livelihood for a Developing World

Bamboo manufacturing and transport in Southeast Asia will help create a sustainable livelihood for farmers in Vietnam, Cambodia... Read More

The Process


As the fastest-growing plant on earth, bamboo is harvested within three years without damage to the plant or the surrounding ecosystem.


The green outer hull of the bamboo is removed and then air dried. A non-toxic treatment protects against insects and the elements. 


The bamboo is shipped via bulk freight from Vietnam, Cambodia and, Myanmar to Taiwan. 

4press to mold

Resin impregnates the bamboo fibers as it is being processed by a 4,500-ton hydraulic press.