Unlike traditional hardwood and softwood trees, bamboo fibers consist of a very high silica content. As a result, termites, a major frustration for natural wood tie producers, are not able to infest bamboo crossties. This creates the possibility of removing the use of creosote from the production process, thereby making bamboo ties both more economically and environmentally friendly. Testing is being performed to evaluate the prospect of eliminating the use of creosote and creosote solutions. This would significantly enhance the cost benefit of bamboo ties.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Unlike trees, which take 30 years to harvest bamboo can be grown to maturity within three to five years without causing damage to the environment. The rapid growth cycle means that substantially less arable land is required to harvest. Planning cycles are much more manageable with bamboo, allowing for greater organization, inventory management, and market responsiveness.

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