TieBam has pioneered the development of a patent-pending process which densifies bamboo to provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to manufacturing traditional wood railroad crossties (known in the US as “sleepers”). Because of its fast growth, high mechanical properties, and transformation process, bamboo is stronger, more durable, longer lasting, and more environmentally-friendly than wood ties. Lower life cycle-cycle costs - reducing operating costs for the railroads The Taiwan production facility will be a 100% foreign-owned enterprise manufacturing product for global distribution.

TieBam substantiated the extended strength, flexibility, duration and safety of bam-boo ties through two series of rigorous testing at the University of Delaware Railroad Engineering and Safety Program. Whereas wood ties are treated with creosote, bamboo requires very simple treatment methods. Also, due to its transformation process, whereby the individual bamboo fibers are impregnated with resin, the process allows for the preservatives to reach all parts of the tie, thus making the final product impervious to the infestation of insects and the elements. ​​

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